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Admissions are open from Nursery, K.G, Grade 1 To the 11th academic year 2022-23 (upgrading every year)commencing from January every year.

To secure admission for your child, these are the steps you need to follow. Even parents with siblings in the same school have to follow the same process. Make sure your child fulfills the age requirement. The documents required are the Original birth certificate, Aadhar card copy, caste certificate copy, progress card copy, cumulative record and leaving certificate of the previous school, and 2 recent photographs.
Admission forms will be available in the school office as well as online. Submit the completed short admission form to the school office as soon as possible. In case you want to attend the orientation and school tour, you will be given a password and instructions on how to fill in the electronic form. We do not require any documents at the time of submitting the short form. Using the form number and password, if you desire, fill in the electronic form on the website. You will receive an email confirming that your form has been submitted. Please make sure that you do not access the form from within your company’s firewall. The date and time of the orientation meeting shall be conveyed to you through email. Meetings will be held on Saturdays and Sundays only and shall continue as long as seats are available. In case you haven’t received an email, contact the school office. Required instructions will be given in the orientation meeting.


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    The admission to class Playgroup & Nursery , LKG., UKG., Class Grade I – VII will be in January / April every year. The parents are advised to come prepared to pay the fees and the caution money, on the day of the Admission Test, in case the school confirms admission. The caution money is not refundable.

    Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, creed and community. Application should be made on the printed form available from the office. No application will be considered until all specified requirements are met and will not be answered for resection of any application for admission.

    I) The following certificates are to be attached to the application for admission.

    • Original Birth Certificate.
    • Last Progress Report , cumulative record ,transfer certificate from the previous school
    • Recent Medical Report signed by a register Doctor for exceptional cases.
    • Caste certificate
    • Aadhar card copy
    • 2 Passport size photographs.

    II) The concerned Education officer of State Govt. or Joint Secretary of C.B.S.E. should sign T.C. if the student is from other state.

    III ) T.C. will be accepted only from a recognized school

    IV) T.C. should be countersigned by the appropriate office of the Indian Embassy I Consulate of that country in India if the student is from abroad.

    • Birth Certificate (Original)
    • Aadhar Card Copy
    • Passport Size Photo No.02
    • Caste Certificate
    • Transfer Certificate
    • Report Card
    • Cumulative Record
    • Bank Passbook Details Of The Student

    Alore – School 
    Kapsal – School 
    Market – School 
    Railway Station – School 
    Kalambaste, Morawane Phata – School 
    Muradpur – School 
    Kherdi – School 
    Sati – School 
    Chiplun City – School 

    In case of withdrawal of a student at the end of the year the parents should notify their intention in waiting before the end of February. Three months’ notice is required for any withdrawal during the year, T.C. will not be issued unless all due are cleared and accounts of the school are settled.