Parents-teacher meeting

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On Saturday, 30 July 2016, there was the first parents-teacher meeting for the academic year 2016- 17 The meeting was categorized in two sessions, first session of std I,II & III and the second session of IV, V&VI. As the school has got affiliation from the CBSE board, there were some important points to be discussed in this concern. The objective of this meeting was to discuss few points which would be beneficial for the students as per the CBSE board A summary of the points discussed below were:
1)The change in school timing.
2)Change in the sequence of subjects.
3)The evaluation process of CBSE board.
4)About the home work & assignments given.
5)To bring the tiffin as per the time table given.
6)Election of the head boy and head girl.
7) Declared names of PTA & MPA members.
The brief discussion of the above mentioned points were done by our honourable H. M. Committee members of school Society were present,Mr Sanjay Mhaddalkar & Mr.Santosh Paranjape.

Guru pournima

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shloke competition in school..K.G. to STD VI….Shivam & Sundaram Houses stood first. All performed well.

Langdi championship

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The boys of YASH ENGLISH ACADEMY achieved victory by standing first and the girls achieved second place in Ratnagiri district Langdi championship, under 11.
The students were supervised by the sports incharge, Mr. Bharat Karra Further they have been selected for the state level competition at Solapur A hearty congratulations to all the students for their performance and victory

National sports dance

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The National sports dance association of Karnataka had organised a dance competition (under 14 yrs girls) on 1 – 3 July 2016.
Miss Mrunmai Joshi of std VI bagged the silver medal, who was one of the participants of this group. Mr Suraj had choreographed the dance of this group. The school congratulates mrunmai on her spectacular achievement

Ratnagiri Ajinkyapad Taekwondo competition 2016- 17


In the Ratnagiri Ajinkyapad Taekwondo competition 2016- 17 organised by the Ratnagiri taekwondo association,Mast. Omkar Sawant of std VI from YASH ENGLISH ACADEMY, bagged two gold medals.
The entire school congratulates omkar on his unbeatable performance and spectacular achievement

Plant a tree, so that next generation can get air for free

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1 July 2016,was considered as plantation day with the motto of 2 crore plantation in India. So, YASH ENGLISH ACADEMY also celebrated this day and participated in contributing a lending hand towards this motto.
On this day, our honourable H. M , Radha mam displayed an environmental pledge, which was inaugurated by the members of the Lioness club, Chiplun. It was followed by oath where all the committee and staff members were present. The oath had the content of planting, protecting and conserving trees, that we shall plant a tree every year.
After this there was a sweet poem read by Mrs. Samidha Chavan, followed by the plantation of trees. The Nehru Yuva Kendra sponsored the school banner. There was a surprise visit paid by the journalist of the Prahaar newspaper along with his colleague.
The total number of plantations made by the school rounded to 84; which included 33 trees and 51 shrubs and climbers/ creepers. The theme of this particular day was a mode of inspiration for all our committee members-Mrs. Radha Mhadalkar, Mr.Sanjay Mhadalkar, Mr. Santosh Paranjpe and Mr.Ramesh Mhadalkar.

Vana bhojan…at vindhyavasini temple.. On 9th March2016.
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On 8 th March2016.. World women’s day.. With kherdi Gram Panchayat.
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On 2nd February 2016 visited to the Dhamnavane Gram Panchayat. Std- III IV. & V
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Shiv jayanti

Theme- Shivaji’s coronation ceremony
1) students learnt CO ordination with each other.
2) History learn practically perform & experience it.
3) students gained a lot from this as it was more educational than entertainment
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Book published

Poetry by std- III , IV & V. Students made poems on the day of Marathi Rajuabhasha Din.
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Refreshment day
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Grand Inaugural Ceremony

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On 25th January 2016, the grand inaugural ceremony of “YASH ENGLISH CADEMY” took place, it was the most awaited ceremony. The chief od honour were Mr. Hanmant Rao Gaikwad, the chairman and M.D of BVG India (Pune). Mr. Sadanadji Vhavan, M.L.A of Chiplun, Mr. Rameshrao Kadam, Ex- M.L.A of Chiplun
The School was inaugurated by Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad, along the chief guest, all the committee members Prof. Radha Mam, Mr. Sanjay Sir. Mr. Paranjape Sir, Mr Ramesh Sir too.After the inauguration the guests moved towards the demonstration of a sample room of how collaborative study can be conducted.
After that the guest were taken towards the dais for the auspicious lamp-lightening ceremony followed by welcome and prayer song performed by the students. The chief guest shared their views by inspiring, moderating the institution, to upgrade and expand the school up-to graduation level.
The committee member spoke of how they started their journey and reached here. The Headmistress, Radha mam and shared few of her memorable moments of how she started her journey by establishing “SMALL WONDER” in the year 2000-01 and then the pre-primary and primary section from the year 2008-09. The President of Sanjay Sir, said that they had established Shree Sadgure Education Society with a social welfare view in mind of education students and henceforth will continue working with same motto in mind.
Our vice-president, Paranjpe sir addressed the audience by saying that everyone fulfils self desired and dreams but the satisfaction that we attain by fulfilling someone else’s dreams and desires is much more sir, then proudly announced that CBSE board has recommended our school institution Nome after the school inspection.
The guest of honour, mr. Gaikwad highly appreciated our school and, said to work more on the skill value and the school agreed to do so.
Then, the students of the K.G and the primary section addresses their views about the school in quite a unique way.
This institution is an excellent example where one can see dreams and chase them and acheive them as mentioned by the headmistress, Radha mam. This institution took a start at a small-scale as a nursery but due to her big dreams as to see the school in the position what it is today, she has chased her dreams because she always believed in her dreams, as they are given to us for a reason.
“What puts us behind is our past and memories,
and what puts us forward is our dream.”

Parents Teachers Meeting
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Ashadhi Ekadashi
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Lokamanya Tilak death Anniversary…1st August
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International YOGA DAY

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Organised in Yash English Academy – Chiplun Students ,Teachers & few parents were participated in it. Yoga Teacher- Mr.Ramesh Mhaddalkar sir.


On the day BhadrapadChaturthi the idols of Ganesha carried down in about every houses and workshipped. Lord Ganpati is workshipped with green durva , red or pink lotus, hibiscus and chandan and modak. LokmanyaTilak started the ganeshfestival . The social awareness and national integration was the main aim of LokmanyaTilak.

Lord Ganesha are welcomed for one and half , five ,seven or ten days and are immersed in rivers and ponds giving a farewell . All says “GANPATI BAAPA MORYA”, PUDHCHYA VARSHI LAVKAR YA”.

In our school “Yash Academy” we celebrated this festival very enthusiastically. Everyone was actually waiting for lord Ganesha and preparations were going on . We have decorated our entrancehall and classes with flowers ,ballons, and torans. The palce where ganesha is going to sthapan was full of lights , flowers and rangoli which was very colourful .

And we brought lord Ganesha from entrance, the kids were showing love by doing lezim and dance as a welcome.

The showers of flowing flowers were there .All of us enjoying and shouting “GANPATI BAAPA MORYA”in a happy mood . Some teachers were in traditional wear that is navaarisaree. Kids were also in traditional dresses. Then some dances were performed by kids and aarti was done by principal and after that all the teachers distributed snacks . Overall the function was celebrated very beautifully anad involvement of every one was seen.

In this way one more festival was celebrated in “YASH ENGLISH ACADEMY”.

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5TH  September is celebrated as a techers day . The birthday of Dr Sarva Pally Radhakrishnan. Dr Radhakrishnan was a great thinker who gave the hindu philosophy its rightful place in the world . He was elected as the vice president of India . He was honoured by Bharat Ratna .

At our school “YASH ENGLISH ACADEMY” Teachers day is the favourite part for the students . The students were very eager for this day . They were asked to performed the role of their teachers and to take class according to their role and they were actually looking like their teachers whole day the school was in their hands under their observations . Then one of our teacher gave the information about this important  day . As there was one more festival on the same day and that was “POLA” .Pola is actually the festival for farmers and their bulls .All the information was given to the students by the teachers as how the farmers ,their bulls are important to this agricultural country that is India . In the school we have organised a slogan competition . Students were selected for this perfofrmance from all three groups there were few participants but they faced all the competition very nicely . A good bad news was said by a teacher which was like polkhol .

Overall the day was very nice and celebrated in a new way .

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“HAATHI GHODA PALKHI , JAI KANHHIYA LAL KI” Yes its about Krishna janmashthami and dahihandi . This festival comes in the month of August – September and shravan of Indian months . This is one of the favourite festival of India .As it is the day of lord Krishna birthday so the small kids also enjoy  this festival . Krishna belongs to a rich family but still he used to play with common children  and this is the example for todays generation . The first day we celebrate as Janmashthami and second day as gopalkala . Curd is favourite item for Krishna . So on this day pots of curd in the square or chowks of road and the young boys or girls break this earthen pots which are filled with curd butter etc …

In ur school Yash English Academy we have celebrated this with really a great and nice way . Simply the small kids were eager to know about the day so our Ramesh sir shared his words and told the story of his birth

And kids were listening to the story of lord Krishna birthday . On second day small small kids were there in Krishna get up with dhoti flute etc ..andofcourse there were beautiful Radha on our ground we also tied dahihandi to let the kids enjoy . The children were just enjoying and dancing . The tied handi was broken by a student . All the Krishna and Radha were looking sweet and cute and natkhat like makhanchor .

We had organised a solo dance competition for the students on this special day . The kids had performed very well and the viewers were cheering them for their attempts . The house –wise competition was held with the great effort of the students , parents and teachers . When the handi was tied there was a dance performed by third standaradpathak and that wsa very energetic . Then the snacks distribution happened and like this one more festival was celebrated in our school.

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National festival of India , Independence day the world itself seems to be proud . It is  the day when India got freedom from the british empire on 15th August 1947 . Many people died for this independence . The shahid people and leaders will always be in our heart . All over in India the government offices schools colleges celebrate this and each and evry person feels proud to be an Indian . India is a place of dedications .”Yash English Academy “also dedicated this programme for our nation . Firstly as usually we had taken our assembly with presentations and before that the flag was hoisted by Mr Ramesh jiSir . We had decorated our campus with flowers and tri colour balloons which was very attractive and touchy.  Afterall commands were gathered into the hall of our school and group song competition was taken . We had prepared three groups Satyam ,Shivam and Sundaram . And as decided the song , introduction of it presentation was going on .

The songs were having their motto , thoughts and message to the people which was very inspiring and appreciating too. Our principal Mrs Rani Mam , president Mr Sanjay sir and vice president Mr Santosh sir was jury member for the competition the students were feeling sacrifices , tributes of the freedom fighters . The viewers were enjoying the songs sung by the kids .The  result were declared by prinicipal mam after that . In this way we continued our programme . The efforts were taken by the students and teachers to make it  really a succesfull function .

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Sports Activities
Small wonder and yash english Academy is a multi dementional school, which provide not only the calculations and lessons but we teach culture, sport, activities, yoga, drawing etc. throughout the year. All students are participate in all activities.
Sport        sport      sport

Educational Activities

Educational and co-educational program are exhibited and carried out with a view to make development of body and mind of the child.

  • Competitions
    We celebrate National and International days of importance and festivals by organizing various competitions related to “shlok” recitation, essay writing, singing, story – telling, Dance, Drama, Debate, Handwriting, Drawing, Making Models, Rangoli, Making garland etc. in all of which students participate with commendable zeal.
    our students also appear for competitive exams such as drawing elocution etc. Organised by other institutions in district or tahasil level.

education       education       education

Cultural Activities
Aim – while celebrating the festivals the students get trained informally in developing creativity, innovative ideas, discipline, co-operation and ability to make decisions.
All festival celebration day gets a special day for all and have a lots of fun like – Breaking Dahi handis, Ganesh festival, Diwali, Christmas etc.

culture         culture          culture

Annual Day

We provide an important platform to students to exhibit their different talents various cultural competitions are organised to develop their personality to the fullest.
days           days            days


Along with the learning oriented program some special events are also celebrated to pull and push social awareness among the young souls. Ex. 5H development summer camp, Appearing competitions participating in Rally, visited slums area etc.

woman’s Day

Our institution organised woman day by arranging competitions such as group and solo dance, singing, Anstakshari, Rangoli etc. to encourage and pull out the hidden qualification of the womens

woman day            womens day         womans day


Form time to time, field trips are arranged for students to places of environmental and social significance. We undertake environmental related activities such as planting trees, visiting different regions to observe and study the botanical life.
Ex. Environment Rally
we provide a number of opportunities to our students to provmote scientific attitude and participation in science related projects. The students then exhibit their creations of Art and craft as well as science models at different forums. Ex. Origami work