Admission Procedure (for the academic year 2017-18)

Admissions for the academic year 2017-18 (nursery , KG, primary -Grade 1-7)

Admissions for 2017-18 for Nursery K.G to Primary starts from January 2017

Admissions for 2017-18 for all other classes commences from January 2017

To secure admission for your child, these are the steps you need to follow. Even parents with siblings in the school will have to follow the same process.

1. Make sure your child fulfils the age requirement.
2. Admission forms will be available only in the school office. There is no need for queues. Everyone will get a form, and that too in a matter of less than a minute. You do not need to get your child to the school for collecting the form.
3. Submit the completed short admission form in the school office as soon as possible. In case you want to come for the orientation and school tour, you will be given a password and instructions on how to fill in the electronic form. We do not require any documents at the time of submitting the short form.
4. Using the form number and password, if you desire, fill in the electronic form on the website. You will receive an email confirming that your form has been submitted. Please make sure that you do not access the form from within your company’s firewall.
5. Date and time of the orientation meeting shall be conveyed to you through email. Meetings will be held on Saturdays and Sundays only  and will go on only as long as seats are available.  If you have filled out the form and haven’t received an email, contact us.
6. For Nursery, we have a random number based selection criteria. The selected students will be notified by e-mail, by Saturday following the weekend meetings. For other classes, there is an eligibility test, and admissions will be given only if vacancies exist.
7.  Further instructions will be given in the orientation meeting.

That’s all there is to be done! You can of course call us or email us if you have any concerns or queries – else they can all be addressed at the meeting. Please make sure you don’t miss it as important instructions will be given then.

If you are interested in securing admission for your child in the current academic year (2016-2017), please contact us directly or fill the online admission form.