Welcome to Yash English Academy – 1st CBSE School in Chiplun

Shree Sadguru Education Society’s

YASH ENGLISH ACADEMY & SMALL WONDER are a noble endeavor to bring about a quantum improvement in school education. Our purpose is to help Children to achieve their unique potential through our school.

The Mission

To reach each child in their own unique way

There is no pressure on the child & that she / He learns and develops at his / her own pace. The child learns HOW to think rather that WHAT to think. The programs provides an early childhood environment that enables children to learn according to their own abilities and learning styles. The ambiance of the classroom nurture the child innate need to enquirer and discover.
Regular parent seminars, open houses, teacher parents interaction, forums foster a positive Home-School connection. Parents are kept up to date with their child’s progress, learning and development. The mission of Small Wonder’s and Yash English Academy’s teacher is to reach each child every day in the child’s own unique way.


newmam12 70% of a child’s brain is developed in prenatal stage. The early childhood years (0 to 6) are life  defining and it here that we discover our strengths and abilities.

 Research has proven that at this age brain activity is at its peak and stimuli a child experience  here, leave impressions for a lifetime. Hence, every thing a child learns after the age of 5 years it  a  reinforcement of what she / he has already learnt at pre school. Hence pre-school becomes  the  single most important avenue where the child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with  peers  and build confidence.

 Children in pre-school learn how to socialize get along with other children share, learn good behavior, management skills, be respectful of others and solve problems. Children who attend preschools, enter formal schools with better reading skills, richer vocabularies form preschools to formal school and lays a foundation for future learning .